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Boosters Membership - It's easy and rewarding.  We are a success because of sports fans just like you. All are welcome to join the Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club.  We have created four membership levels to meet the needs of all families.  Please join at the highest level possible to provide the maximum benefit to our student athletes at Bartram Trail High School.  The BBABC is thankful for all that join us!

            BBABC| 7399 Longleaf Pine Parkway, St. Johns, FL 32259 | (904) 547-8340 | Copyright 2019

The Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club works closely with the Bartram Trail High School Athletic Department to ensure our student athletes have the best facilities to enhance their sports endeavors.

The organization is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that raises funds to supplement Bartram Trail High School's top notch sports programs.  We thank each and every family that joins the BBABC, supports our fundraisers and our local business sponsors.

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