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More details on the BBABC

We are proud of who we are, what we support and all that we do together.

From its inception, the Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club has worked closely with the BTHS athletic department to ensure our student athletes have the best possible conditions to compete in.

We are a nonprofit organization that raises money to give to the athletic department to help fund Bartram Trail's top notch sports programs and help pay for things that the school's budget cannot provide.  Bartram Trail has one of the lowest pay to play fees, but we hope that those who can will join our booster club and help out however possible; it is CRITICAL to the school's athletics program.

Funds have been and are continuing to be used for uniforms, warm-ups, football equipment, ALL bus transportation, summer maintenance, weight room equipment, a lighted message board for the school, a new Toro turf mower, turf maintenance, a new stadium scoreboard and sound system, team fair share funding, and countless other items and special requests by coaches and the athletic director.

What we hope people will realize, is that without the Athletic Booster Club funds, the students would not have busses to their away games, top notch fields to play on, etc. because virtually ALL of the funds for those items come directly from the Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club.


Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club coordinates community and parental involvement for volunteer and fundraising activities in order to ensure Bartram Trail High School students have access to quality athetic resources, enabling them to become viable competitors in all high school athletic programs.

So, we thank each and every family that joins the booster club, supports the fundraisers held by the booster club, as well as our local business sponsors.  Your generosity is appreciated!

Trademark Protection: As part of the rebranding efforts during the 2015/2016 school year, the Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club secured copyright protection for the Design of a Bear’s Head with the State of Florida.  The mark was registered on April 25, 2016.  We want to protect our “brand” as it is an extremely important and valuable asset to the organization.  If you are currently using our logo on any materials, services and/or goods, we kindly ask that you cease and desist unless you have been granted specific, written authorization from the BBABC to use the Design of a Bear’s Head.  Moving forward, we will be sending cease and desist letters to any persons or businesses who are infringing upon our trademark.  All merchandise with the Design of a Bear’s Head must be purchased through the BBABC or our authorized vendors.   Failure to comply may result in legal action.  We appreciate your ongoing support to create a strong brand and vision at Bartram Trail High School.  If you identify our intellectual property in use illegally, please submit photographic evidence via email to, so we may address it accordingly.  This article shall constitute Public Notice.  

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