2018-2019 Membership


Melissa Oswald-Hollobaugh and Tony Hollobaugh

Jay and Chantell Alligood

Shelley and Tony Anderson

Stephen and Jessica Nalley

Claudine and Rich Owen

Linda and Joe Follenweider

Chris and Darrah Kinnett

Tabitha and Robin Sorensen

Angelo and Jennifer Vespi

Joann and Ray Sweet—Fibrite Umbrellas

Ian and Norma Shields

Jay and Sandra Eilers

Dana and Dale Murrary—Murrary Automotive Group

Timothy Drumwright

Stephen and Jodi Binard

Shane and Brandi Davis

Kiersten and Brendan DeLamielleure


Antonio and Perla Rios

Michelle and Gene DiStephano

Julie Kliethermes

Erika Hegedus and Gyula Nacsa

Missy and Barry Kahn

Elizabeth and Ted Bixby

Garth Pidcock

Joseph and Alma Mather

Deborah and David Binghi

Julia and Andy LaFear

Jutta Koch-Ebert and Eric Ebert

Yvette and Mark Mallet

Kamy and Christina Wiseman

Pamela and Marc Williams

Pam and Jeff Schiver

Ralph and Shelley Hamiltion

Sandra Fajardo and the Chujran's

Jim and Donna Dumas

Richard and Charlene Jones

Stephen adn Kris PaulyP

Melissa and Bill Woody

Mike and Sherri Provencal

Craig and Julie Colee 

Bret and Toni Freeman


Janine and Chris Bowker

Debbie  and Tommy Piper

Patty and Jeffrey Machols

Kevin and Kerry Pacciano     

Amy Ritchie

Amy and Dave Huber

Paula Presley-The Presley Family

Richard Dill

Chantel Goutcher—The Campbell-Goutcher Family

Jeffery and Lisa Smith

Kim and Chris Sylvester

Kathy and Thomas McDonald

Michelle and Chad Finley

Chelsea Santoro

Mary and Mike Geiger

Jennifer  and Paul Nickell

Marty and Jaspreet Kondal

Rebeka and Bryan Howze

Andrea and Bill Horton

Scott and Amy Greenwald

David and Ann Popik

Diane  and Sharokha Kapaida

Robin and Mike Ivey

Matthew and Yumiko Jung

Sabrina and Milford Rathjen

Christina and Jacques Araman

Jeff Pirrung

Gina and Richard Rhodes

Adrian and Nichole White

Stephanie and Ralph Kauzlarich 

Mike and Kim Stott

David and Ann Marie Powell

Tina and Mike Tayag

Leigh Ann Stachowiak

Bet and Erica Lentz

Kelly Weary

Dave and Karen Chris

Corey and Brandy Mann

Carrie and Jeramie Miller

Christine and Lothar Ruehling

Carla and Brent Johnson

Kara and Scott Radecki 

Stephen and Sarina Wiechens

Keith and Andrea Wheeler

Justin and Christina Ellenberger

Dave and Stacy Ellison

Amy and Steve Toenjes

Gavin and Keri Lambert

Stratis and Jeanne Lagoataris

Mandi and David Meyers

Ken and Terri Jefferies

Amanda and Wayne Stevens

Kate and Rob Andrews


John and Jenny Hardy

Peter Andrews

Bob and Kris Scott

Ken and Phyllis Heba

Lynn and Bob Williams

Erik and Norvie Veracruz

Mike and Karie Stophel

Doug and Kelly Saarela

Joe and Carri Grass

Bill and Jennifer Lee

Matt and Mary Ray

Don and Lisa Carpenter

Bill Harris and Laura Harris

Jeffrey Asher

Joe and Audrey Strong

Jennifer Becker

Tracey and Shawn Murray

Mike and Trish Stumpf

Dave and Kim Lego

Dennis and Elaine Ginder

Perke and Chery Robinson

Paul Daniel Arkin and Holly Arkin

Lester Del Rosario

Todd and Lila Lynch

Geoffrey and Pamela Hemmen

Kerri and Michael Krejci

Waine and Michelle Cardinal

David and Gina Littlepage

Rick and Karen Sargeant

Desi Wright and Greg Brown

Steve and Jennifer Moore

Cathi Coarsey (Sarah Williamson’s Mom)

Patty and Paul Brown

David and Andrea Adzema

Carol and Bill Burkett

Timothy Devin and Tess Devin

Neal West

John and Aimee Miles

Mike and Eliana Hiemer

Francisco and Margymae Bori

Steven and Carrie Ammons

Chad and Stacie Martin

Scott Stanfield

Cindy Kuglar

Ericson and Kristin Balcita

Rose and David Turner

Chris Miller and Katie Miller

Doug and JoAnn Lyle

Nancy Perez

Joseph Grillo and LaGina Grillo

Richard and Rachel Ford

Mark and Kelly Hite

Dana Merritt

Dave and Michele Gelo

Stephanie and Kent Olsen

Jen and Clyde Brant

Mike and Lonna Mayer

Bill and Angie Demo

Riza Beck and Randy Beck

Kirk and Julie VanDeusen

Jason and Jill Cravin

Magdala Roberts and Keith Roberts Sr.

Andy and AnnDee Beckerman

Travis Bagwell and Tanya Bagwell

Anne and Ken Dziwulski

Tom and Shanon Braden

Evan and Michele Spradlin

Michele and Doug Smith

Melissa and Perry Oake

Dan and Pam Bohan

John Cockerham

David & Jennifer Frank

Steve and Cindy Donalson 

Jeff and Kim Lumley

Del & Caroline Martins

Mick & Leslie Schell

Greg and Shelley Howard

Shaun and Christie Ginter

Steve and Stephanie Coley

Danielle Sallas

Jerry and Donna Bennett

Andy & Joyce Stone

Daniel and Gina Johnson

Brad and Jane Jens

Ross & Moira McCabe

Marty and Jill Flores

Robert and Michelle Zammataro

Alex & Angela Kuehl

Amanda & Christopher Piersza

Mike and Angie Larson 

Scott Ruskin

Karl Rautenstrauch and Kira Greco

Joshua and Tracee Bowles

Jeff & Julie Sowell

Barry and Sandi French

Jacci Easterling and Chris Easterling

Tim and Daneen Adams

Stephanie Elefante

Matt and Kim McCormick

Geoff Otts and Cheryl Otts

Terry and Kim Rohan

Christy and Matt Siegel

Chad Dodson

Jason and Christina Cutler

Dawn and Art Dupraw

Anthony Megas

Wesley and Angie White

John and Jerry Safar

John and Joanne Waters

Russ and Tina Chandler

Rick and Cathy Tattersall

Adam and Kelly Haberman

Wallace and Cynthia McCormack

David and Donna Marti

Rich and Laura Gundaker

Keith and Stephanie Howell

Jim and Victoria Bauer

Patrick and Sandy Bouthiller

Cherilyn and John Austad

Kristin Baker

Brian and Sally Barr

Michelle and Craig Gregory

Mark and Michelle Linser

Karin and James Barrett

Mark and Carri Kroehler

Greg and Paula Camp

Natalie and Jake Blanton

Job and Erika Dewar

Sheri Medar and David Johnson

Denise and Robin Higgs

Samara and Ken Maloney

Carol Holmes

Diana and Robert DuTremble

Erika and Reese Williams

Amanda and Josh Swartz

Aimee and Cameron Crandall

Daron and Judy Johnson

Misty Montgomery

Amanda and John Quitana

Susan and Craig Robinson

Mark and Kim Hunt

Devin and Janet Perrine

Thad and Darlene Guerra

Kerry and Ana Velez

Michael and Jodi Glass

Terri and Charles Calleson

Sandy Leon and Florentino Chaparro

John and Theresa Difato

Suzanne and Tim Balog

Richard and Lauren Gundaker

Dan and Flecia Earl

Ernest and Natalie Hagan

Dan and Charlee Tillotson

Ken Hofbauer

Xavier Yepez and Christina Ruiz

Veronica and Bobbie Geter

Roger and Dana Vaccaro

Drew and Kim Cromer

Heather and Robert Dean Astrid and Phil Parker

Michele and John Hudson

Ben and Chris Kinchen

Todd and Amy Smith

Lynn and Brian Sicoli

Theresa and John Lyttle

Chris Long and Monica Mendez

Sabrina Hartsell

Chris and Denise Sheffield

Paul and Michelle Rhein

Angie and Matt Fliess

Lou and Del Cabera

David Huffman

Jeremy and Angela Ocampo

Max and Susan Mozo

Linda and Mile Bolger

Lorraine Muzondi Kelli and Mike McMullin

Mary and Brian Arnell

Memorie Carlo Larry and Joanna Ingalls

Shane and Jennifer Johnston

Amy Robertson

Ashley Wilson

Vallis and Kenny Henley

Judy and Daron Johnson

The Capling Family

Patrick and Anne Nichol

Nowell and Justine Wood

Christine and Mike Sullivan

Cindy and Kenny Ledford

Tracy and Mark Falor

Carolyn and Patrick McCarty

Brian and Amy Fallon

Kyle and Amy Bowen

Marcus and Amani Pollard

Jeff and Sadi Huntad

Renee and Steve Albano

Cheryle and Michae Morgan

Tony and lliana Arciprete

Vanessa and Sanchez Williams

Dave and Shelley Smith

Michelle and Henry Moore

Nick and Nichole Greene

Michele Jordan

Julie and Steve Vockell

Joe and Stephanie Dethloff

Michele and Dan Heggblod

Kristi and Dan Payne

Tara and Jason Dean

Tray and Kristen Parker

Ray and Sam Art

Butch and Dawn Ross

Greg and Michelle Stanford

Kelly and Sean Pender

Glen and Mary Ellen

Kim and Andy Loferski

John and Krista Langowski

Leslie Dow

Eric and Jenny Ordway

Margit Szabo

Angela Szekeres

Pat and Sherry McCaulley

Foster Thornson

Nicole Michlitsch

Robert and Connie Mayrand

Monica and Ben Willis

Leann and Kevin Devine

TJ and Joanne Vranica

Chuck and Amy Bolen

Stacey and Rob Miller

Tim and Renae Focht

Lisa and Jason Rangnow

Doug and Kari Palmer

Shirley and Chris Madden

Matt and Amy Hinson

Shanti Ferrer and Aldo Minozzi

Michael and Joan Boyd

Jennifer and Bill Bulthuis

Jorge Estrada and Madeleine Tores-Santos

Ajay and Srilatha Anumasu

Cristina and Bill Shepard

Dan and Debbi Kemper

Shelley and Eric Rich

Karlene and Richard Reilly

Christina and Jonathan Brewton

Kevin and Lynn Miller

Angie Klein

Julie and Brett Miller

Scott and Sharon Farr

Tim and Julie Moore

LaDonna Holbert

Ricky and Wendy McMillan

Travis and Sha Meyer

Shaye Smith

Tony and Lisa Hardison

Michele and Charles Whitley

Jason Carnaghi and Amy Ostenyoung

            BBABC| 7399 Longleaf Pine Parkway, St. Johns, FL 32259 | (904) 547-8340 | Copyright 2019

The Bartram Bears Athletic Booster Club works closely with the Bartram Trail High School Athletic Department to ensure our student athletes have the best facilities to enhance their sports endeavors.

The organization is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that raises funds to supplement Bartram Trail High School's top notch sports programs.  We thank each and every family that joins the BBABC, supports our fundraisers and our local business sponsors.

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