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2022-2023 Membership


                                                                                              Lindsay and Darrick Baldwin

                                                                                              Davoli's House of Cards

                                                                                              Brian and Amy Curts

                                                                                              Diane and Jason Green

                                                                                              Michael and Enza Huff

                                                                                              Jeff & Stephanie Humphries

                                                                                              Keary and Lisa Hutchinson

                                                                                              Mitt and Jill Layton

                                                                                              Breno and Daniella Lemos

                                                                                              Ian MacDonald

                                                                                              Mike and Christine Mullis

                                                                                              Ramos-Nader Family

                                                                                              Ben and Tina Smith

                                                                                              Neal and Stephanie Spencer

                                                                                              Lindsey and Katy Trowell

                                                                                              Delaney Williams and Cheri Bridges


           Daren and Leslie Anderson 

           Steven and  Jessica Anderson

           Brian and Shannon Baum

           Lee and Faye Bay

           Justin & Kristi Berkman

           Joel and Karen Carlson 

           Karen and Steve Carter

           Kevin and Dawn Carter

           Raymond and Cathy Davis

           Scott and Wendy Dennis

           Tamika and Bill Devine

           Jason and Kelli Floyd

           Mike and Polly Fox

           Shelly and Burt Frechette

           Scott and Barbara Fryman

           Phillip and Nicole Furukawa

           Brian and Kristy Hobbs

           Brett and Patty Huber

           Ross and Erin Koelbel

           Greg and Heather Labbe

           John & Krista Langowski

           Kerry Lim

           Mark and Deb Malec

           Maria & Jason Marucci

           Austin & Monica McCormack

           Matt & Jan Michelsen

           Kim and Brett Myers

           Paul and Nicole Pocol

           Mark and Kim Rigdon

           Billie Jo & Scott Rudowitz

           Eric and Megan Sams

           Brian & Jennifer Schultz

           Jon and Jennifer Shedlin

           Kevin and Kelley Stoddard

           Dennis and Amanda Then

           Greg and Rebecca Thompson

           Mike and Meredith Warwick

           Matt and Adria Youngblood


           Michael and Holly Antal       

           Ben and Melissa Bakas

           Brad & Brandy Becker

           Frank Bender

           Jon & Christina Brewton

           Sybil and Mark Brodeur

           Jennifer and Jade Brown

           Daren & Natalya Carstens

           Blake and Jennifer Clark

           Dustin Clark

           Mat and Rola DeLamielleure

           David and Diane DiDonato

           Duncan Family

           Mason and Kristen Faggert

           Esa and Jennifer Fakhouri

           Kristie Fox

           Alexandra Gimmel

           Alexandra Quiroz & Chris Gosse

           Ryan and Susanne Graham

           Joe and Carri Grass

           Robert and Kristy Griffin

           James and Jessica Hartman

           Rhonda and Erick Hendey

           Jen Holden

           Jimmy and Nichole Huck

           Benjamin Jewett

           Dobbie and Natalie John

           Troy Kasting

           Joe and Elayna Kelly

           Dr. David and Cindy Klosterman

           Shane Kosovac

           Shauna LaBee

           Mike and Tam Lafleur

           R.J. and Nikki Lamb

           Tom and Jessica Lambert

           Chris and Susan Langeland

           Mike Lanza

           Robert and Melissa Lingis

           Sam & Tara Magdalein

           Tim and Kim Mann

           Jason & Monica Marley

           Lisa and Jay Marshall

           Jennifer McGrath & Garth Pidcock

           Eric and Amy Messmer

           Karlene Mikesell

           Frank Millis

           Jason and Allison Misora

           Bill and Catrena Mitchell

           David and Unae Moore

           Chris and Christie Morse

           Brent and Carol Motycka

           Shannon and Mike Padron

           Nick & Danielle Panico

           Travis and Caryn Patterson

           John Perrin

           Jeff and Denise Pirrung

           Robert and Paula Presley

           Patrick and April Rascoe

           Krystal Kane Reyes

           Antonio & Perla Rios

           Brian & Nisa Roberts

           Aaron and Lacey Robertson

           Brent Scott

           Nancy Scranton & Mark Williams

           John & Dawn Shields

           Brandon & Tyson Sliger

           Angie & Chris Smith

           Joe & Taryn Stewart

           Jennifer and Chris Sullivan

           Tina & Mike Tayag

           Josh & Nancy Treadway

           Jennifer and Sean Trujillo

           Michelle Wagoner

           Jacqueline and Jack Weathington

           Brian and Denise Weiss

           Seth & Elizabeth Wenzel

           Jason & Tascha Williamson


Chad & Cindy Abbott

Jennifer & Scott Abell

Abreu Family

Rebecca Abreu

Robert and Sandra Adams

Chris and Shelley Albers

Cindy Alix

Chris and Nicole Allamon

Jeff Allinder

Leonel and Melanie Alomia

Mark & Christa Anderson

John and Jen Angel

April Annis

Melanie Aramayo

Jim and Sabrina Armstrong

Jen & John Bachman

Peter and Jamie Baci

Wellesley and Gregory Bamberg

Christi Barton and Josh Glover

Katrina Baugh

Natasha & Michael Belanger

Ernst & Camille Beliard

Daniel and Megan Berry

Joseph & Daisy Betancourt

Tyson and Casey Biddle

Jamie & Kasey Birmingham

Steven & Christine Bischoff

Amanda & Scott Blackall

Jake & Natalie Blanton

Michael & Marie Blakley

Billy and Stacey Bone

Ben and Sarah Borgmeyer

Frank & Margymae Bori

Amy & Kyle Bowen

Salim & Kelly Bradley

Todd & Erin Bragg

Tim and Shelley Brockway

Rick and Amy Brown

Julie and Bobby Boyette

Dan Calvo

Kelly and Raymond Camm

Michelle Campbell

Frances & Alex Campos

Jon and Shera Carr

David & Elizabeth Carstens

Dewayne and Jamie Carver

Curtis and Amy Ceaser

James and Melissa Cecil

Derek & Holly Cioffi

Justin and Naoko Clancy

Heather and Michael Cloudt

The Connell Family

Lynn Copeland

Cremen Family

Kevin & April Crooks

Beau Crum

V and J Cunningham

Curry Family

Mary & Eric Davidson

Stacey & Peter Davis

Robert and Heather Dean

Steve and Heather Dear

Tony and Michelle DeLeo

Jerry DeMarco

Steve & Cindy Donalson

Lenee and Will Dorvil

Dugan Family

Nicole & Matt Earley

Bryan & Christina Eberly

Brent and Amy Emmett

Mary & Art Espinola

Damon & Jessica Ferraro

Jeff and Christy Ficklin

Carolyn Gayle-Finley and Brett Finley

Kyle and Gemma Fitzpatrick

Jason and Kerry Flack

Tim & Chandra Flaherty

Ashley and Wilson Fong

Colin & Colleen Fowler

Luis Matiaude and Gladys Francella

David and Jennifer Frank

Rachel Franklin

Sherry Freel

Paulina & Carlos Fuentes

Matt & Sammy Geren


Tom & Nicholle Goodnight

Lesley Gordon

Jennifer & Eric Grabill

Stephanie Grant

Kira Greco and Karl Rautenstrauch

Ryan & Elizabeth Green

Scott and Amy Greenwald

Shawn and Aubrey Gwaltney

Amy and Erik Habres

William and Sharon Hall

Shawn & Melissa Harpin

Harris Family

Laura Harris

Thad and Grete Henderson

Vallis and Kenny Henley

Denise and Rob Higgs

Robert and Brooke Hoisington

Randy and Julie Holland

Caleb and Kelly Hollis

Charlie and Natalie Hollis

MaryAnne and Aaron Holtz

Mark and Betsy Hopwood

Brandon and Kimberly Houk

Tonya Houslin

Andrea and William Howey

John and Michele Hudson

James and Sarah Huffman

Natalie Hunter

Candace and Tony Hurman

Brian and Stacia Iannucci

Emer Ingeniero

Julissa Irizarry-Lee

Angela and Darrell Ivey

Michael and Tammy Jenkins

Brent and Carla Johnson

Drew and Kristen Johnson

Ed and Nova Joseph

Adrian Kadas

Brad and Michelle Kallner

Ryan and Amy Kaminski

Mary Elizabeth Kappert

Thulasi and Sridevi Kataru

Krista Kautsky

Mike and Kelly Kazmierski

Kristi and Jeff Kendall

Shannon and Tim Keough

Mike and Chris Kessel

Ava Kirby

Jennifer and Tommy Kouchis

Maureen Kremski

Suzanne Langley

Sergio and Rachel Lanzas

Bet and Eric Lentz

Don and Jennifer Levine

Amy Lewis

Timalee and Corey Lightfoot

Mike and Jenny Lindblom

Kelvin and Annie Ling

Rob and Kimberly Loryea

Duane and Coleen Lupinski

Doug and JoAnn Lyle

Bob and Shannon McDonald

John and Kelli McNames

Cynthia Linares-Mencia

Jason and Nice Merkison

Jesse Mondares

Daron and Leslie Murrell

Jeff and Patti Machols

Gloria and David Manual

Thomas and Renee Marmo

Sarah Martelli

Brad and Sue Martin

David and Lacey Martin

Zonya Martinez

Stacy Masi

Jamie Mateo

Karis Matheson

Nathan and Jenn Mathis

Mike and Nikki Matos

John and Sandra Mautz

Moira and Ross McCabe

John and Julie McDonald

Karen McElroy

Theresa and Josh Mclaughlin

Ed and Cara McLean

Barry and Nicki McMenamy

Thomas and Marianna Meeks

Bill Mencia

Jason and Nickie Merkinson

Eric and Amy Messmer

James and Karen Millard

Christine Miller

Jason and Carolyn Mitchell

Kathleen and Lance Mitchell

Tania and Mark Modilevsky

Bill and Emily Montford

John and Kyerin Moody

Reanna and Christopher Morrison

Gene and Laura Morton

Rustin and Brandi Murray

Daron and Leslie Murrell

Marc and Nikki Nadeau

Micheline Nelson

Nakry Oeur

Michael and Tracy Olsten

Melissa Oswald

Geoff and Cheryl Otts

Seth and Barbara Parise

Tray and Kristen Parker

Jon and Cathleen Parks

Jamie and Jo Pate

Steve and Jill Pena

Buddhika Perera

Clare and Lisa Perry

Marcel and Krista Pertile

Kristyna and Zachary Phillips

Melissa Buchanan-Picone and Michael Picone

Eric and Sydney Piekarczyk

Ryan and Rochelle Piersall

Tina and Anthony Piunno

Marcus and Amani Pollard

Tonya and Tracey Porter

Justin and Cara Powers

Angel Prescott

Paul and Jill Prosinski

Randy and Heidi Raczkowski

Radecki Family

Piotr and Magda Ratuszny

David and Megan Renner

Bart and Judy Revels

Pete and Cathy Richter

Jen and Tony Rodriguez

Christina Sandford

John and Erinn Saturn

Rick and Karen Sargeant

Sandi Satterfield

Jack and Christy Schekira

Christina and Kurt Schumacher

Susan and Mark Seagle

Daniel Selejan

Steve and Melisa Sharpe

Kristina and Scott Simpson

Scott and Kristine Sipkovsky

Lennard and Janice Small

Erich Smith and Amy Smith

Joseph and Kara Smith

Skip and Suzy Smith

Souvanna and Heather Southammavong

Fabiola Souza

Todd and Christine Spendiff

Chris and Chrissy Spicer

Scott and Edana Stegmaier

Cyndee and Mark Stevens

John & Angie Strohl

Darrell and Mary Sutherland

Rick and Cathy Tattersall

Lisa Thomas

Jason & Jennifer Thomas

Mike and Rachel Thornell

Seth and Keileigh Tindle

Ricky and Tracy Tippie

Joe and Traci Towne

Todd and Emmy VanCamp

Kirk & Julie VanDeusen

John and Holly VanWagner

Jimmy & Loren Viola

David and Fannethia Vitolo

Mike & Erin Waskiewicz

Eric and Jasmine Weatherly

Rob and Tina Wells

Wes and Angie White

Sarina & Steve Wiechens

Thomas Williams & Liberty Hancock

Dana Williams

Tripp and Beth Williams

Ben and Kim Windle

Duane and Melanie Wood

Pamela & Justin Wood

Timi and John Wright

Deborah and William Wynn

Jared Young

Jeff and Ryan Youngblood

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